The Beginning

The Beginning

Our Story

We are a Christian team of dedicated workers specialized in catering for African, American and Caribbean dishes with our prime objective to satisfy our clients. We strive to be competent, innovative and professional in all we do and we always work within our client’s budget to give them a fabulous and awesome experience to meet the client’s expectations. Our team stay on site to make sure planning/catering and every details move smoothly according to schedule, guaranteed any problems that arise are handled promptly, efficiently without any uproar. We manage all vendors you’ve selected to work with or the ones we suggest to you, we work with your themes, memories and Budget

Goals anD objectives

  • To serve clients with respect, dignity, love, handling needs while our clients relax and have a stress free event)

  • Safe food handling procedures

  • Quality and presentable services are our target

  • Coordinating, Timely, Accuracy, and Competency

Wife and a mother of 3 boys and a girl. God-fearing, hardworking, and full of life. I have always loved cooking growing up as a kid. Being born in a big family and by a mother who was a Food and Nutrition Teacher and a wife to a Government Administrator, a lot of cooking and hosting of all kinds of events were hosted at our home and other venues, from birthdays, weddings, government meetings, provincial and state receptions, etc. This was a source of my passion to cook and plan events, I just enjoy cooking and planning for my family and friends but at some point in time, I realized this was a talent from GOD. When I started doing little catering services I realized how much I loved to work in this setting. Thank GOD for my wonderful Husband and kids who saw the gift in me and didn’t stop telling me how I was the best cook and I organize the best parties and they kept encouraging me to open a business related to this talent.I am a Nurse by profession, I love helping people and I enjoy what I do, I am a great host of all events at my home, an active Christian, and a member of my church choir, I love my family and above all I love GOD, he is the  master planner behind everything I do.

My Story

Why Choose Us

Memories created with our delicious meals


At blessed hands cuisine we make this our top most priority. We deliver a positively memorable customer service experience at your Events


With years of food service experience, Blessed Hands Cuisine is proud to deliver the ultimate food experience. Explore the best taste from our wide variety of dishes.


We're committed to making your event unforgettable with clean, delicious and healthy food and impeccable customer service.


At blessed hand cuisine, we are always on time, with accuracy and precision.

Contact Us:
Location: 5231 HALL RD. SUITE 108 BOWIE MD 20721
Phone: +1 301 383 1137 / +1 240 726 8178
Working Hours:

Monday to Saturday

11:00 am to 8:00pm

Closed on Sunday.

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